Mar.18 / 2015

Reign Star Torrance Coombs Gives Us A List Of Toronto Hot Spots To Hit

From the best coffee shop,s to where to eat, to where to play ping pong, Vancouver actor Torrance Coombs has gotten to know Toronto pretty well while shooting the hit M3 series Reign. M3 host Gaby Henderson got to know Coombs through a series of rapid fire questions, including what’s on his bucket list and whether he prefers Starbucks over Tim Hortons.

Coombs uses a convincing British accent on the series set in France (confusing, we know) and in this clip below we get to know more about Torrance and try to get used to him speaking like a Canuck. Bash? Is that you?

Get to know Reign’s Torrance Coombs below with our rapid fire questions and watch a new episode of Reign tonight at 8E/5P exclusively on M3.