Dec.4 / 2014

Reign’s Adelaide Kane Discusses This Week’s Shocking Assault Scene

Last night’s shocking episode of Reign (read our recap here) culminated in Protestant extremists attacking the castle in an effort to kill King Francis. When the extremists found Mary alone in the couple’s chambers, the men held Mary down and brutally raped her.

It was a gut-wrenching scene to watch and actress Adelaide Kane, who plays Mary Queen of Scots on Reign, revealed to M3’s Gaby Henderson that filming the episode was just as difficult.

“It was the worst thing I’ve ever filmed in my life,” said Kane. The cast and crew had many discussions about the episode leading up to filming, ensuring a safe space was created around Kane’s performance. “Everyone was very respectful and very protective.”

Kane also revealed that the aftermath of the sexual assault will be handled in a sensitive and realistic storyline, with the event affecting all aspects of Mary’s life, including her marriage and her relationships with friends. “It has a ripple effect and it affects many people,” says Kane. “It lasts. It’s not something you can just get over and she (Mary) won’t. It’s going to be an issue for many many episodes.”

If you or someone you know needs to talk to someone about sexual assault, contact the CASAC.

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