Jul.23 / 2014

Relationships are Tested on Thursday’s Episode of The Smoke

On tomorrow’s brand new episode of The Smoke, Kev’s decision to reveal the true extent of his injuries to the rest of White Watch has consequences. The day’s events take a dark turn as he and Mal witness a tragic incident. With Mal’s muted reaction throwing a spotlight on his failings as a friend, Kev and Trish also have to contend with the strain Kev’s injuries have put on their relationship.

Meanwhile, with everyone still unaware of new boy Dennis’s potentially dangerous secret, White Watch are called to a job at a gym where an explosive turn for the worse leaves Kev and Dennis separated from the rest of the team. Forced to improvise, the two men perform a daring rescue, with the adrenalin of the feat pulling them together just as Kev and Mal are pushed further apart.

As Kev and Dennis head out on a reckless, cathartic night of abandon, Mal and Trish turn to one another for solace. Before the night is through, everyone will be surprised by the places they have ended up in.

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