Aug.21 / 2014

Season 2 of Reign Premieres Wednesday, October 1

Reign Promo 1 Season 2

We’ve just announced that Wednesday, October 1 will be the official premiere date of Season 2 of Reign! Stop bathing, grab your ladies in waiting, and get ready to be transported back in time to the deliciously dramatic French Court!

Thanks to this year’s Reign panel at Comic Con, we got an early sneak peek of Season 2 and all the goodies in store for us from the sexy historical drama (three words you don’t often see together).

The plague has come to the French court, Mary and Francis’ marriage is infected with distrust and hurt, Leith and Greer’s love triangle has become a square, and most surprisingly, Bash and Kenna are still going strong. Who knew?

There’s also a new king of France, which means there’s a new Queen of France, and two Queens can’t exactly rule together. But it will be entertaining.

Check out another sneak peek of Season 2 of Reign below and don’t miss the premiere on Wednesday, October 1 on M3!