Sep.23 / 2015

Season 3 Of Reign Premieres Thursday, October 8 On E!

When we last left the French Court during the Season 2 finale of Reign, there was no shortage of cliffhangers.

Catherine and Queen Elizabeth had quickly become allies, tied together by their desire to rid France of Mary. Francis revealed that he was dying, with Nostradamus as his only confidante. Greer turned down Leith’s marriage proposals, Bash fell under Delphine’s spell, Lola and Narcisse got closer than ever, and poor Kenna was pregnant and alone. Like we said, holy cliffhangers!

Today we’re getting our first look at Season 3 of Reign, which has Mary in the crosshairs of Catherine and Elizabeth. It’s not going to be pretty. Well, it’s going to be stunning and gorgeous, but you know, these three women are about to get bloody.

Reign is finding a new home this year on our sister station E! and we think the Kardashian’s are about to get a run for their money in the drama department.

Watch the Season 3 premiere of Reign on Thursday, October 8 at 9E/6P on E!.