Jul.13 / 2015

Season 6 Of Pretty Little Liars Features One Big, Unnecessary Frustration

With the halfway point of Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars and the highly promoted ‘time hop’ that comes with it quickly approaching, Executive Producer I. Marlene King has promised fans big answers.

Last week’s possible leaking of information from a disgruntled former employee left King in the frustrating position of having to refute the alleged spoilers while possibly seeing six years of secrets revealed in one simple Reddit thread.

Whether last week’s leak contained real information on Pretty Little Liars will likely not affect whether fans of the dark drama will continue tuning into M3 on Tuesdays at 8E/5P. After six seasons and countless debates on everything from A’s identity to how all four Liars maintain smudge-free eyeliner while evading a killer, we’re not going anywhere. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t getting a bit annoyed with what is starting to look like the Sloppy 6.

We’re five episodes into Season 6 and PLL’s writers are clearly setting up for the future. Spencer is somehow nominated to be Rosewood High’s valedictorian after missing most of her senior year, meaning she’ll likely end up attending an Ivy League school during the time hop. Hanna had an entire scene of staring at paint chips in her room, paving the way for a future as an interior designer. Emily continues to worry about everyone around her, including the how-is-no-one-forcing-this-girl-to-get-psychiatric-help Sarah while also sporting her dad’s Army jacket, hinting at a possible future as General Fields. Then of course there’s Aria, who went from writer to photographer in one episode. We’re pretty sure her new friend Clark was cast simply to deliver the single line in last week’s episode that informed Aria about a photography contest that could land her an internship in LA.

Setting up the Liars for the time hop is important, but none of that gives us answers. We know that Charles is or at least was a real person, but we still don’t know how he’s involved with the Liars or even why the kidnapping he orchestrated was pinned on Andrew.

We know that Charles was sent to Radley before the DiLaurentis family moved to Rosewood, even though the timeline doesn’t match up with Jason’s birth being the result of an affair between Mrs. DiLaurentis and Spencer’s dad. An oversight in the story telling and still no answers.

We also know that Charles, Mona and Leslie Stone all spent time at Radley and judging by Spencer’s dream, which apparently everyone is supposed to put stock in because she’s Spencer, it looks like her time at Radley included being in a dark basement with two empty tubs. So what?

Not everything is adding up so far in Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars and we get it. There are layers and layers of clues and murders and disappearances and family drama that have taken five seasons to unfold and can’t be explained in one fell swoop of an ‘A’ reveal. As viewers of a TV show, some suspension of disbelief is necessary to make anything fit into one hour of weekly viewing.

But this season has included one huge error in every episode and at this point it’s just insulting.

Two words: Police Presence.

For the first time in the history of Pretty Little Liars, the adults finally know why a group of popular and well-liked teenage girls look terrified every time their phones vibrate. No, they’re not being bullied by other kids. They’re being bullied by a murderer…who may be another kid. We still don’t know.

Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Mona were all kidnapped, held underground and tortured. With Andrew being cleared of all charges, the kidnapper is still on the run and the Rosewood PD have been tasked with protecting the five girls. Except they’re not. At all.

The police surveillance team has been mentioned in passing throughout Season 6. Caleb was upset when there was a ten minute gap between the shift change for the police watching Hanna’s house. Alison overheard one officer badmouthing her while in charge of ensuring no one snuck into the DiLaurentis house. These two examples make complete sense in a series where we’re supposed to believe that five girls were kidnapped and rescued, but what about everything else that has happened?

Spencer, Hanna and Mona snuck into Radley. Aria received threatening messages from ‘A’ before being locked in the photo lab at Hollis. All four Liars stole Charles’ file from a Data Centre. Aria was followed to a junkyard by ‘A’. Emily and Sarah break into a swimming pool after hours. Emily goes to a gun range and gets a tattoo with Sarah while they’re both underage. Just about everything that has happened since the girls were freed from the Dollhouse has supposedly taken place while they’re being watched by police, yet it hasn’t affected their lives or their story lines in the slightest.

Spencer is literally walking around with a baggie full of weed cookies in her purse and isn’t the slightest bit concerned about the police that are supposed to be watching her 24/7 because she knows what we know…they’re not even watching her 24 minutes a day! Last week’s episode of PLL featured a very adult Officer Lorenzo kissing a very teenage Alison on her porch, an act that we assume was done while Lorenzo was a) supposed to be watching her house or b) being watched by his peers. Either way, things aren’t adding up.

For viewers who have invested hours in watching PLL over the past six seasons and sticking with the show through endless episodes of no reveals and no new clues, this latest oversight is especially frustrating. Showing the girls sneaking out their back door to break into Radley or lying to the police (you tell your officer you’re sleeping at my house and I’ll tell mine I’m sleeping at your house) would offer some nugget of common sense. We can argue our way into believing 14 year-old Alison could somehow support herself on the run for two years and maintain flawless curls the whole time. Just don’t ask us to ignore a huge part of this season’s storyline that could easily be explained with a few lies and some sneaking around. It’s frustrating how easy this is to fix.

Of course, we do want answers after all this time. It just shouldn’t be at the expense of maintaining a somewhat believable and cohesive storyline.