Feb.28 / 2014

Serena Ryder battles through depression, comes out stompin’

From singing the Canadian National Anthem at this year’s NBA all-star game, to being a five time nominee at this year’s Juno Awards, small town girl Serena Ryder is very big deal. Ryder chatted with M3 host Matt Wells about relocating to L.A. and opened up about how she suffered from mental illness.

“With this record, what I’ve been realizing is it’s so important for me to have a good relationship with what’s going on inside myself,” she says of her latest release, Harmony. “I was clinically depressed for a year and a half [...] and I did dig myself into a really deep hole and I do think that fame, the idea of that, was a very big part in me having my dark night of the soul, as a lot of people call it.”

Fame definitely has some ups and downs and Serena seems to have her feet securely planted on the ground and is in a good place.

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