Jennifer Falls

New Episode Friday 9E/6P



  • Jaime Pressly as Jennifer Doyle +

    Beautiful, smart, a successful investment banker, with a teenage daughter, Jennifer has a lot going for her. However, she has one weakness — a little bit of a temper. “Which can be charming and amusing. As long as it’s not directed at you.” Recently fired from her high-paying job because of her anger issues, Jennifer (having lost everything and now drowning in debt) is forced to move in with her mother and take a job working as a cocktail waitress at her brother’s bar. Demoralized but not defeated, Jennifer is ready to take on a whole new life.

  • Ethan Suplee as Wayne Doyle +

    Boyish, basically good-natured, but malleable, he is Jennifer’s married brother, the owner of a popular bar where his wife is the manager and, now, Jennifer¹s boss. Wayne is a likable, accessible guy, more than happy to give his sis a job until she gets back on her feet. He soon finds himself playing peacemaker between volatile Jennifer and his often-annoying and patronizing younger wife.

  • Jessica Walter +

    Her numerous television roles include Malory Archer on “Archer,” the title character in the series “Amy Prentiss” (Best Actress Emmy® Award win), “Trapper John,” “M.D.” (Emmy® Award nomination), “The Streets of San Francisco” (Emmy® Award nomination) and “Arrested Development” (Emmy Award® nomination, SAG® Nomination). New episodes of “Arrested Development” aired on Netflix in 2013.

  • Nora Kirkpatrick as Stephanie Doyle +

    Beautiful, shallow, passive/aggressive and opinionated, she is Wayne’s wife who works with him a the bar. Ultra-annoying, patronizing and self-righteous, she thinks it’s really amusing that Jennifer used to babysit for her and now she’s Stephanie’s boss. Of course, Jennifer is not amused at all.

  • Dylan Gelula as Gretchen Doyle +

    Gretchen 16, entitled but reachable, she is Jennifer’s energetic and complicated daughter, clearly bummed about leaving her old life and moving in with her grandmother. In fact, she’d rather have her friends think she died rather than know the truth. Wry-witted, Gretchen can be warm but she’s often a challenge to her mom.