The Smoke
The Smoke
Ep. 4 Preview

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  • Kev +

    Kev Allison: an ordinary man and an extraordinary firefighter. A hero to the crew he leads and the ‘father’ of our White Watch family, he inspires bravery and loyalty. But he is also an alltoo- real and flawed boyfriend to the love of his life Trish and friend to his best mate Mal.

  • Trish +

    Self-assured and smart, Trish makes others feel good about themselves. She’s madly in love with Kev, and is prepared to go to hell and back with him should she ever be called on to do so. But underneath the confidence lies a secret that fills her with shame.

  • Rob +

    He’s only 29, but Rob’s a family man with a wife and four kids to think about. Oh, and his live-in best mate, Little Al. There’s still time for larking about, though, and Rob likes to find the fun in life. After all, why would you join the fire brigade if you didn’t have adventure in your soul?

  • Ziggy +

    Effortlessly cool, Ziggy is always up for a good time. The only woman on the team, she’s accepted as one of the lads, although she’s keeping a pretty big secret from them.

  • Billy The Mince +

    The Watch cook with a slightly unnerving taste for mince-based dishes. Appearing sinister on the surface, underneath he’s actually a desperate romantic looking for love. You probably wouldn’t leave your kids with him, though.

  • Little Al +

    He might not care to admit it, but sweet and sensitive Little Al is the ultimate beta male – he dreams of being a lion not realising he’s more of a squirrel. Best friend to Rob, he’s fun to be around and still obsessed with his ex. Question his love for his son, though, and you might just hear him roar.

  • Mal +

    Mal likes women. And luckily, women like him too. Funny, charming and cocksure, he’s the kind of guy people love to have around, but he’s also the kind of guy that might not remember your name the next morning. Mal is Peter Pan and has got away with his antics… until now.

  • Dennis +

    New boy Dennis, or ASBO as the lads call him, might look like a yob, but dig a little deeper and he wants nothing more than to prove himself as a good man. While there’s a violent side to him, he also has the potential to be a real hero. Who knows which side will win out?