Apr.2 / 2015

Sia Releases Third Installment in Trilogy Series With ‘Big Girls Cry’

Singer/songwriter Sia has teamed up with director Daniel Askill and dancer Maddie Ziegler for the third time to complete their music video trilogy with Big Girls Cry.

After the huge success of Chandelier, Sia’s first single off 2014’s 1000 Forms of Fears, Sia decided to make the music video into a series of installments, all featuring innovative contemporary dance routines performed by 12 year-old Ziegler.

The second video in the series for Elastic Heart was met with some controversy over the young dancer performing with actor Shia Labeouf. We think the new video may spark some outrage as well.

While Ziegler performs alone in front of a black wall for most of the video, at one point she is hoisted up, with her legs dangling wildly. She’s eventually released, but it’s a shocking few seconds that are made to look like a child is being strangled. Thankfully the scene is short, but it definitely adds a level of discomfort and anxiety to the already emotional performance.

Check out Sia’s video for Big Girls Cry below.