Dec.8 / 2014

Spencer Swears Off Christmas On Tomorrow’s Pretty Little Liars’ Special

On tomorrow’s very special Christmas episode of Pretty Little Liars, Spencer has decided to swear off the holidays after being arrested for the murder of Bethany Young. We can totally understand why she isn’t feeling very festive, but Emily is concerned. Let’s not forget, this girl loves Christmas.

In this clip from tomorrow’s How the A Stole ChristmAs, we see Hanna try to inject a little bit of humour into the situation. At least we hope. She did get into an Ivy League college, right? So she has to be joking? She worries us sometimes.

Watch the exclusive clip below and check out our 12 Days of Pretty Little Liars Christmas here!

Don’t miss How The A Stole ChristmAs tomorrow at 8E/5P exclusively on M3.