Feb.23 / 2015

Step One - We Can Have Lots of Fun


If there is one thing we can agree on, it’s that both New Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys defined the pop music of their respective generations. Love them or loathe them, you couldn’t ignore the movement or its impact on our culture.

Combined, the groups have sold 180 million albums, something that is unlikely to be achieved again.

While I do enjoy select NKOTB and BSB songs, I have to admit, I wasn’t completely gaga over boy bands like many girls of my generation.

I was busy crushing on Trent Reznor, Eminem and D’Angelo’s abs (which also make an appearance on our countdown this week). But, I did have an NKOTB sticker book and I’m not ashamed that I can still can break out the Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) epic choreography in a heartbeat. I appreciate them for what they did and a lot of the songs still hold up.

This week, Retro 30 showcased a vintage N*SYNC interview from 2000 that takes us back to a time when the corner of Queen and John would flood with thousands of teenage girls, tears streaming down their faces. I recently read that the Backstreet Boys knew they had made it when they came to the Much HQ on Mother’s Day and took in the overwhelming energy of 20,000 fans.

Think about it, Nick was 12 years old when he joined BSB. Try to imagine living through high school like that. I haven’t watched the BSB documentary yet but it looks fascinating:

These men had a life unfathomable to most.

On the day I had to interview Jordan Knight of NKOTB and Nick Carter of BSB (together, they are Nick & Knight), it was strange to see Nick and Jordan casually sitting in our cafeteria on mac and cheese day, eating lunch with everyone in our building. Low key, totally down-to-earth and a dream come true for most ladies who grew up with them taped to their walls.

They were both super sweet and Jordan told me I reminded him of his cousin. My favourite part of our interview was how they talked about their fans super affectionately and also when they broke out into a spontaneous version of The Thong Song.

They talked to me about how they came together: they instantly clicked and vibed off each other and decided to team up and create Nick & Knight. Claiming to be super fans of one another, I decided to take them up on that and challenged them on their fandom of each other’s work to hilarious results.

Good to see, after all these years, they can have fun and laugh off those embarrassing moments of growing up in the spotlight. Stars: they’re just like us.

See more of the full interview this week on #Retro30.