Jul.17 / 2014

The M3 Summer Starts Today With 6 Must-See Shows

Summer may have once been two months of re-runs, but not on M3! We’re serving up six of the hottest shows of the season with the M3 Summer and it all starts today!

Dating Naked kicks off tonight at 9E/6P, a show where the typical dating reality format is turned on its side when the contestants look for love, minus their clothes.

Then stay tuned for the gritty, heart-wrenching drama about a group of firefighters in London with The Smoke, premiering tonight at 10E/7P.

Dance fans can rejoice with episodes of So You Think You Can Dance every Saturday at 9E/6P.

Delve into the dramatic world of Rosewood and killer ‘A’ as four teens try to find out whose been harassing them since their friend went missing two years ago on Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars, airing Tuesdays at 8E/5P (watch online here).

Starting July 22, Pretty Little Liars will be followed by the new series Candidly Nicole, based on Nicole Richie’s hit web series. Watch the reality star give advice and try new things the way only Nicole Richie can.

Lastly, learn about how to (or not to, depending on your opinion) behave as lawyers with Franklin and Bash every Wednesday at 10E/7P.

Here’s a schedule cheat sheet for all your Summer Sizzle viewing pleasure. It sure is getting hot in here.

Pretty Little Liars
When: Tuesdays at 8E/5P on M3
Why: It’s a gripping murder-mystery drama that is full of beautiful people. What more can you ask for in a show?

Candidly Nicole
When: Starting Tuesday, July 22 at 9E/6P
What: Reality star Nicole Richie gives her hilarious advice on everything from piercings to first dates.

Dating Naked
When: Premieres today with new episodes every Thursday at 9E/6P
Why: Because it’s exactly what it sounds like. Giggity.

The Smoke
When: Premieres today with new episodes every Thursday at 10E/7P
Why: Think of the awesomeness of Rescue Me, but with less swearing.

So You Think You Can Dance
When: Saturdays at 9E/6P
Why: Each season of So You Think You Can Dance has topped the previous in terms of originality, creativity and undeniable talent. Just try not to get hooked on this Emmy Award-winning series. We dare you.

Franklin and Bash
When: Wednesdays at 10E/7P
Why: Where do we begin? You can watch Franklin and Bash to see the undeniable chemistry of the two leads and their bromance, or you can watch it for the gripping legal cases. There’s also the third option, which is tuning in to watch in awe of how Zack Morris actually got hotter as he aged. Science, y’all.