Jan.18 / 2015

Supernatural Is Moving To Wendesday’s at 9E/6P After Reign!

Calling all Supernatural fans! The Winchester brothers are moving to a new timeslot on Wednesday’s at 9E/6P following new episodes of Reign at 8E/5P on M3. The time change kicks off this Wednesday with the return of new Season 10 episodes.

Episode 10: The Hunter Games sees Sam and Dean doubling their efforts to find a cure for the Mark of Cain after the massacre at the ranch. Meanwhile, Rowena plots against Crowley and Castiel tries to mend his relationship with Claire, who is bent on revenge against Dean for killing her friend.

To review, Supernatural is now on Wednesday’s at 9E/6P. Bang that into your head.

What will we say on Wednesday at 9E/6P?

We have a fetish and it’s for Supernatural.

If you miss Wednesday’s new Supernatural, it will be painful.

And it’s not like we didn’t warn you.

So tune into M3 on Wednesday at 9E/6P and feel like this.