Aug.13 / 2014

The 9 Biggest Questions From The Saved By The Bell Movie Teaser

The first clip from the upcoming Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story TV movie has just popped up online. You can watch it here. When news first broke that Lifetime was making this movie, it was clear that this was going to be about all the sex, vices and in fighting of the SBTB gang. And we have good news! The movie will air on M3 on Monday September 1 at 9E/6P.

If the first teaser is any sign, there will be a lot of in fighting. I mean there still is in real life. And God bless Elizabeth Berkeley for being the peace keeper. Unless you smell bad. Then she will say something.

But, the clip raised a few questions in our minds. These are the 9 biggest questions from the Saved By the Bell teaser.

1) How do these people actually look exactly like the Saved By The Bell Cast? Well at least from a distance.

2) Why do their directors chairs have their character’s names on them? Shouldn’t they have the actor’s names?

3) Where is that table going and why do they need to move it at right that second?

4) Was Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s eye brows really that dark and thick back then? And why is he already the jaded Hollywood veteran?

5) Did they always put Elizabeth Berkeley in the frumpiest outfits?

6) Would Screech really have worn mismatched plaid?

7) For dramatic purposes wouldn’t it have made more sense if Dustin Diamond started doing push-ups and then Mario Lopez joined him to show him up instead of the other way around. Wouldn’t that have made Mario look more like a jerk, which I presume was the point of this scene?

8) What does Mario Lopez think saying things to your face means? I think Dustin Diamond did just call him a prick to his face.

9) How great is this movie going to be? Answer: So. Great.