Feb.12 / 2016

The Anti-Valentine’s Day Playlist For The 5 Stages Of A Break-Up

Anti Love Songs M3

Valentine’s Day is almost here and if you’re lucky in love, then this weekend is a time for $100 flowers, overpriced fixed menus, and lots of pressure. If you’re single, it means waiting for Monday for all the chocolates to go on sale. Get dat chocolate.

Of course, if you’re someone who has just gotten out of a relationship or are in the middle of a break up, Valentine’s Day is a terrible reminder of your current status. The holidays can be tough.

Break-ups can be a grief process and that means five stages. Thankfully, we have a playlist for you.


Lovefool, The Cardigans

Sometimes we don’t know when the party is over and instead and wear out our welcome in a relationship. Thankfully, there’s a song for that.

Stone Cold, Demi Lovato

Before she became Confident, Demi Lovato opened herself up and let the vulnerability flow, giving us a track for everyone who felt a little more Amber than Gold.

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, John Mayer

John Mayer describes two people trying to come to turns with a relationship ending as ‘slow dancing in a burning room’. Now that’s poetic.


Cry Me A River, Justin Timberlake

If there were any questions as to why the denim-loving golden couple of the 2000s split up, JT made it very clear both with his single Cry Me A River and the Britney Spears look-a-like in the video. Cry Me A River became the You Oughta Know for a new generation. Speaking of…

You Oughta Know, Alanis Morissette

If you’ve never danced around your room and rage-cried You Oughta Know, you’re not doing break-ups right.

Don’t, Ed Sheeran

So far in the anger section we have songs inspired by Britney Spears and Dave Coulier. Rounding out the list? A song that may have been written in response to Ed Sheeran’s short-lived relationship with fellow Brit Ellie Goulding. Whether or not Goulding inspired the track, it’s a killer song that ushered in a new sound for Sheeran. See! Heartbreak isn’t so bad!


Wildest Moments, Jesse Ware

Jesse Ware’s stunningly beautiful Wildest Moments had a pleading to it that tugs at our heartstrings and gives us hope that maybe everything will be okay.

Maps, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

We’ve found that catharsis through karaoke is great for a break ups and never is this more true than with the Yeah Yeah Years Maps.

Amnesia, 5 Seconds of Summer

Since the beginning of time, groups of teenage boys with guitars have been making us cry about heartbreak. 5 Second of Summer fulfilled their historic duty with the track Amnesia.


Un-break My Heart, Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton’s video for Un-break My Heart is a how-to guide on being truly depressed over a break-up. Make sure you cry in the shower, cry in bed, get all dressed up and then remember you have nowhere to go and cry your make-up off. If you weren’t depressed before listening to this song, you definitely will be afterwards.

Nothing Compares 2 U/Wrecking Ball, Sinead O’Connor/Miley Cyrus

Why listen to one depressing song when you can listen to two at the same time?! Pass the pint of ice cream, please.

From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart, Britney Spears

If you were a teen in the early 2000s, there’s a good chance you cried to this song over your first break-up and we get it. You held hands once while public skating! How are you supposed to continue on with living? We were with you and we played this CD on repeat until our parents ‘accidentally’ drove over it.


I Used To Love You, Gwen Stefani

Whether she’s in a band or rocking solo, Gwen Stefani *gets* us. The Orange County girl is now a woman and has been dropping wisdom bombs on us since Tragic Kingdom first dropped more than 20 years ago. How could you, Gavin?

Someone Like You, Adele

Just because you’ve reached acceptance doesn’t mean you don’t get to cry once in a while.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Taylor Swift

When you’re finally tired of crying and ready to get your dance-on, may we suggest this track?

Since U Been Gone, Kelly Clarkson

This one will work as well.