Sep.18 / 2014

The Colbert Report Is Coming To M3!


Everyone’s favourite late-night satirical TV show is coming to M3: starting Monday you can catch all new episodes of The Colbert Report Monday-Thursday at 11:30E/8:30P!

For those who are familiar with Stephen Colbert’s incredible wit and charismatic personality, you’ll understand why it’s important to tune in every night, but let’s say you’re new to the world of Colbert. Why watch a guy talk about today’s biggest headlines with sarcasm and humour? Well, let us break down some of the many, many reasons why Stephen Colbert is one of the best characters on TV right now.

1. Stephen Colbert knows best.
giphy (3)

2. He covers a wide range of topics.
giphy (4)

3. He takes the news very seriously.
giphy (5)

4. He’s a very cultured man.

5. He’s always keeping up with the latest technologies.

6. He puts the current news into context, creating modern day history lessons in front of our eyes.

7. He hosts the most important guests on his shows, treating them with nothing but respect.

8. He conducts interviews with the utmost professionalism.
giphy (7)

9. He’s learned it all from the best in the business.
giphy (8)

10. He’s going to be a late-night talk show king soon.

How can you not fall in love with a man like Stephen Colbert?

giphy (6)

Tune in to The Colbert Report Monday-Thursday at 11:30E/8:30P on M3 and catch up on episodes now by streaming them on Comedy Network.