Jan.29 / 2016

The Liars Are Pulled Back Into Old Habits On Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars

PLL Preview 614 M3

On Tuesday’s brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars, it looks like contrary to what Hanna says, the Liars are totally back in high school.

Even though Hanna pinkie swore her mother that she didn’t erase Radley’s security footage, Ashley is still being questioned by the police and it looks like she’s finally wised up to her daughter’s lying ways. It only took five years. Literally.

Spencer and Caleb are in the honeymoon/spy phase of their relationship, which means trying to figure out who killed Charlotte. Or more likely, just trying to make sure it doesn’t get pinned on them. Judging by Toby’s sour demeanor, he’s wised up to why Caleb has been skipping the ‘Brotherhood of Ex-boyfriends’ meetings.

Speaking of Caleb, it looks like things aren’t going so well for Hanna and her fiance Jordan and we’re sure it has everything to do with her murder-y past. There’s no way she included that information in her E-Harmony profile.

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