Feb.12 / 2016

The Liars Find The Original Dollhouse In Next Week’s Pretty Little Liars

616 CLIP M3

On the last episode of Pretty Little Liars (watch here), we saw Aria go down the world’s longest ladder and into the belly of Radley. So it wasn’t just a coincidence that Sara Harvey booked the same hotel room that once acted as Charlotte’s prison! We didn’t think so.

In this sneak peek of Tuesday’s brand new episode, Where Somebody Waits For Me, Spencer and Aria find the original devices that acted as Torture 101 for Charlotte. It seems odd that everything in the basement wasn’t destroyed when the hotel was built and even more odd that Sara Harvey was able to cut through cement without anyone noticing. I think missing security tapes are the least of Radley Hotel’s worries.

Next week’s episode also sees the newly formed couples finding out their arrangements aren’t going to be without their hiccups. In all fairness, they probably knew that already.

Plus, Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars features the return of Lieutenant Tanner, who makes the very good point that no one dies when the Liars are out of town. Maybe next week we’ll finally figure out whether or not she’s one of Rosewood’s finest or most crooked.

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