Apr.30 / 2014

This is not a test, Nick Carter and Jordan Knight are touring together!

I was fully expecting to be Rick Rolled when I clicked on a link announcing that New Kids On The Block member Jordan Knight was teaming up to release an album and go on tour with Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter. Alas, it’s true! The two pop singing heartthrobs are giving the music biz another kick at the can with their upcoming album titled, wait for it, Nick and Knight. Hellz yes.

In addition to the punny 90s reference, Knight and Carter will also be hitting the road for the Nick and Knight Tour, which includes five Canadian stops. The duo will play Montreal on October 3rd and Toronto on October 4th and 5th, as well as Vancouver on November 21st and end the tour in Calgary on November 22nd.

The duo’s album will be released on September 2. A sample of their first single, Just The Two of Us (killin’ it with titles!) can be heard in the video below.

That’s not all in 90s boy band news. Knight and his NKOTB band mates have just signed on for a reality show titled Rock This Boat, which will follow the band and their fans on a NKOTB themed cruise. The Step by Step-ers have been performing on NKOTB themed cruises for years, but this is the first time cameras will follow behind the scenes for an eight-episode series, which will feature a cruise from New York to Bermuda.

I don’t like to speculate, but I’m going to go ahead and assume that women aged 25 - 40 are very happy right now.


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