Feb.26 / 2014

This may be the sexiest Beyonce video you will ever watch

If you thought Drunk In Love was a sexy video, prepare yourself for this one. Beyonce has released another music video from her self-titled visual album collection, Partition. In this steamy, and we mean steam, video, we see Beyonce trying to seduce her husband Jay Z in a number of ways including dancing atop a piano and performing in Crazy Horse, a club she actually took Jay to the day they got engaged.

Things get even hotter with the partition up, in the back of their car as things get real intimate (just keep an ear on the lyrics and you’ll definitely blush; even Beyonce did and she wrote the song!). The video is just another piece of the puzzle that is her dazzling album and is one of our personal faves. It’s sexual, sensual and confident — all things that Beyonce embodies but owns, something all female artists should feel comfortable doing on their own terms. These are Bey’s terms and we totally approve.

Watch Beyonce’s music video for Partition below and check out a behind-the-scenes documentary under that, which explains a bit more about the intention behind Partition and her album in general.


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