Oct.17 / 2014

This Week’s Reign Would Have Been Very Different With Cell Phones

Historical drama Reign may be set in 1559, but so many storylines of the series are applicable to current-day society.

From disapproving mother-in-laws, to rough patches in the first year of marriage, to illicit affairs, to sibling rivalry, it’s not inconceivable to turn on an episode of Reign, squint a little bit, and see your own life reflected back.

One of the biggest factors separating 14th Century French Court and present day North America is of course the cell phone. Where would we be without our cell phones? We tried to imagine what this week’s episode of Reign would have looked like if everyone was on 4G.

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It would have been much easier for Mary and Francis to find grain if they could just send a group text instead of waiting for random German Duke’s to offer their services.

The PR nightmare of killing a man in broad daylight for stealing a loaf of bread would have been handled quickly.

Kenna could have texted Bash as soon as she met Lady Barnard and found out the woman was shady and not really try to be Kenna’s new bestie. You know Bash would totally sign his texts.

Catherine would have made sure her picnic for one included enough wine for her and Lord Narcisse. Let’s be real, we think Catherine can take down quite a bit of wine on her own, thank you very much.

Rather than trying to schedule their fittings together, Mary and Francis could have just texted one another to make sure their Coronation outfits were super matchy-matchy.

Of course the most common thing people in the French Court would have used texting for would have been to make fun of people.

Watch new episodes of Reign every Wednesday at 8E/5P exclusively on M3.