Aug.12 / 2014

Thursday Could Mean The End for A Member of The White Watch on ‘The Smoke’

Dennis’s reckless behaviour in a training exercise causes Mal’s disdain for the young firefighter to boil over. But when he attempts to bring his concerns to Kev, he discovers that his old friend isn’t interested. This troubles Mal. If Kev doesn’t start listening lives could be put at risk. It seems like there is only one solution: either Kev leaves the Watch, or he does.

Elsewhere, it’s a huge day for Trish as she begins a new job. But her excitement soon wanes as things quickly take a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, the team is called out to a derelict building where a lack of communication leads to Mal and Dennis becoming trapped underground.

When a huge explosion rocks through the lower levels, it’s a race against time for White Watch to save the lives of their colleagues. As Dennis and Mal struggle to survive, their greatest threat might not be the water threatening to consume them, but the danger they represent to each another.

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