Apr.4 / 2014

Tokyo Police Club reveal the art of “the circle back”

Tokyo Police Club have been at it for over a decade now. With the release of their latest album Forcefield, the band tells M3′s Matt Wells about the patented Tokyo Police Club maneuver of “the circle back”, going with their gut instincts and making better music.

With so many years of experience, the band also discuss their feelings of losing their musical identity and fitting in to an overall musical landscape of the moment. As singer Dave Monks reveals, “it became difficult to own what we were, which was a rock band, and not just any rock band, we have a certain personality and that, but we had to block that out and be like, okay we can’t do that, we are this and it’s good to be that because it’s cliche to say but people see through that.”

And that, for those wondering, is the Forcefield that the band speaks of.

Watch the entire interview clip below and be sure to tune into a new episode of the M3 Countdown this Saturday at 6E/3P on M3.


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