Jan.19 / 2015

Trevor Guthrie Talks About Drawing Inspiration Everywhere From WWII to A-HA

Trevor Guthrie has entered the second phase of his music career and is making every moment count. After experiencing success in the pop group soulDecision in the early 1990s, Guthrie has reinvented himself as a solo artist, but his commitment to songwriting has never wavered.

Guthrie‚Äôs career was reignited when he teamed up with Armin van Buuren for 2013‚Äôs song of the summer This Is What It Feels Like. M3 host Gaby Henderson sat down with Guthrie to talk about the magic behind the single. “I think as Armin says it‚Äôs about the song” says Guthrie. “I wrote the right song and the right production and the magic happened within that and it worked.”

The song not only breathed new life into Guthrie‚Äôs career, but it also meant playing to the biggest crowds of his life at Ultra Music Fest and Madison Square Gardens. “I‚Äôve gone all around the world with him and played massive crowds. It‚Äôs been amazing.”

Henderson also spoke with Guthrie about where he gathers inspiration for his music, which includes everything from music videos to speaking with soldiers.

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