Mar.18 / 2015

Twitter Reacts To Last Night’s Shocking Pretty Little Liars

Last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars (watch here and read the recap here) had us feeling a lot of things. Mostly this.

Then some this.

Followed by a lot of this.

All four Liars plus an Alison are now behind bars and there’s still the Season 5 finale next Tuesday at 8E/5P on M3.

What is left?!?!? Is there actually part of our chin that still hasn’t hit the floor?

Thankfully, we have a support group to help us through our PTSD - PLL Traumatic Shock Disorder.

PLL has @Alissy13 like…

First Alison is crying, then @bbetas is crying, then we’re gonna cry.

@CochraneMaddy needs some Gloria Gaynor stat.

New idea from @i8urcookiez - PLL wigs. Really, what show has better hair? This idea is genius.

THANK YOU @itskimislife! Liars, screenshot the ‘A’ text and then walk five feet across the courtroom and show Tanner!

@Julesroxx22 is suffering from a common case of PLL ArrhythmiA.

As @kjcoady1 pointed out, Rosewood is obviously is District 12. We do not volunteer to go there.

We know that ‘hate’ is a strong word, but yeah, what @Markaylia99 said.

All of the sads tonight from @Maybaby241 and the rest of us.

Or is it white and gold, @SpEdSaid?

We all agree with @VickyZojac, but we also know PLL wouldn’t have made it past the second episode if they told the truth.

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